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at a Much Lower Cost!

Our highest cost per email option is still way less than their lowest cost! We have valuable features they don’t!

No Monthly Limit on the
Times an Email List is Sent!

Unlike the other guys you get unlimited email list sends!

No More Use It
or Lose It Nonsense!

Our email credits don’t expire! Our credits rollover!

We’re a premium boutique emailer, for true opted-in lists. We carefully scrutinize a very limited number of new clients, so, all clients get in-boxing! Please sign up and you’ll be advised of our waiting time.

Know the hidden
Cost Per 1,000 (CPM)
emails sent

Mail Chimp

20,000 Contacts

  • $535 per mo. List emailed 4x per mo. CPM $6.69
  • $535 per mo. List emailed 10x per mo. CPM $2.67
  • $535 per mo. List emailed 15x per mo. CPM $1.78

100,000 Contacts

  • $1,035 per mo.List emailed 4x per mo. CPM $2.07
  • $1,035 per mo. List emailed 10x per mo. CPM $1.04
  • $1,035 per mo. List emailed 15x per mo. CPM $0.69

Whitelist Emailing

Our rates are based on the number of non-expiring emailing credits you buy. We have 3 costs per 1,000 options.

One-Time Costs–Not Monthly, although the $5,000 option may be paid monthly at approximately $400 per month, and includes List Leaker software.

$1000 for
emails @
$0.20 CPM

$2,000 for
emails @
$0.12 CPM

$5,000 for
emails @ 
$0.06 CPM

Our highest cost is still much lower than other email services lowest cost!

Unique Valuable Features that Enhance Deliverability & Protect Your Domain Name!

Short Hidden URL Tracker

Create a custom URL shortener that also provides advanced tracking! Provide your own URL (domain), that no one else uses!


Automate whitelisting up to 20 domains into the admin dashboard of your customers' email service provider. So, every email sent goes into the inbox no matter what content is in the subject line or email body!

Multiple Award Winner for Custom Development of Email Software!

#1 ProSoftwarePack.com's Email Filter Pro "EFP has all the features you could ever want in an antispam program, too numerous to mention here."



Increase in sales



Decrease in Cost

Our by-invitation-only scrutiny is very valuable to you.

When many companies sign up with other email service providers and upload purchased cold lists, the email server’s IP addresses get black-listed!

Due to no fault of your own, your emails all go to junk/spam folder! Our potential customers typically have been emailing from our inferior and overpriced competitor’s service for a while. So, at minimum, we know our potential clients’ list has been cleaned of bounces, and all list members have had a chance to opt-out.   

The inferior overpriced email services typically provide rudimentary analytics like opens and click-throughs.

We additionally provide analytics on a geo-traffic basis.

Additionally, it is also important to know if the traffic is direct traffic or referral traffic. This enables you to analyze the level of viral activity.


Much more!

Other Ways to Grow Your Business.

Cold Emailing

Free Promotion of your Deals

Sales Leads & Buying Power

Your data privacy and security are a top concern for us.

No one has access to your list.

Our email servers are located at a Tier One Data Center in which we have sole access to the server cabinets.

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